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Nations.... Whats the need?

Yup, so just one question... Why do we need a nation?

Just to make it clear here before proceeding further that I just love my country, I am proud of it, and I feel every bit of it when some disaster happens in my motherland.

Nation is to feel proud about, nation is to die for, nation is to live for.... true, atleast thats how all of us have been brought up....

What is nation? Lets start with our very own country... India, my motherland and my identity [:)].

India is from Kashmir in north to Kanyakumari in south, Rajasthan, Gujrat in west to seven sisters in the east. This India today... some 65 years back it was much more*, todays Pakistan was also India, so what happened and why it happened so that we have 2 nations and not one.
Consider the people(consider leaders, fighters and common man as well) of partition era, who would have loved India as what India was and not what India is, or just the loyalties were just with the name - INDIA? And what about the people who were in that part of …