Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nations.... Whats the need?

Yup, so just one question... Why do we need a nation?

Just to make it clear here before proceeding further that I just love my country, I am proud of it, and I feel every bit of it when some disaster happens in my motherland.

Nation is to feel proud about, nation is to die for, nation is to live for.... true, atleast thats how all of us have been brought up....

What is nation? Lets start with our very own country... India, my motherland and my identity [:)].

India is from Kashmir in north to Kanyakumari in south, Rajasthan, Gujrat in west to seven sisters in the east. This India today... some 65 years back it was much more*, todays Pakistan was also India, so what happened and why it happened so that we have 2 nations and not one.
Consider the people(consider leaders, fighters and common man as well) of partition era, who would have loved India as what India was and not what India is, or just the loyalties were just with the name - INDIA? And what about the people who were in that part of the country which is now in Pakistan, how did the loayalties shift? They just started to love the name PAKISTAN, or they actually loved there land, there country? or they loved the fact its primrarily a Islamic country.
Can't we see the obvious? Loyalties are with our own personal interest. Can't we see that 2 nations means 2 governments, 2 rulers, double the number of politicians, double the number of issues, double the number of problems (most of them created for our own personal interest.)

We can move even further before, when probably India was never a single country. When we had more then 300 princely states, people of each state consider it, its own motherland, they would love it the way we do to India, they used die for it, just the way soldiers do today. With 300 nations, there were 300 more Kings, there were 300 more wars, 300 more problems, 300 more tussle for power and 300 times more common man use to suffer.

Implication of the above examples mean that, nations make more trouble then any good.

Almost all of us follow some religion, almost all of us believe in some heavenly existence, thats not from this world but somewhere up in the sky. Then why do we for get that when we see earth from the sky its just in one piece? God did not created any nation, its man made, made for its own personal self interest. If we believe in god probably we should never believe in any notion called a nation, its just simply against *GOD*.

Yes we need nations for the sportimg events like Olympics, the Football and the cricket world cup. But then even here if we see, the sporting structure that does not involve any nation are also successful, Lawn Tennis is an individual game, English Premier league and now IPL are the great examples of how, people do not need a loyalty to the country to associate one's self with a prticular team or player.

The point I am trying to make is: Why can not we all see the bigger picture? The bigger picture is physical and not political.
Consider this if we are a one big *NATION*, we will never have wars, we will never have people die just for the sake of showing superemacy to other nations, thats because we would be one. We will have ample space to live, ample water to drink and ample electricity to generate.

It simply means a whole lot better world.

Think over it.....

p.s: even after thinking, I still love my country, but... probably change, made for good is always acceptable. [:)]

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