Sunday, June 28, 2009

Everything that has a beginning has an end

"Everything that has a beginning has an end"
The quote above everyone must have read a numerous number of times, in fact we all know this inside in our hearts as well and to be honest it seems so true too.
I happen to read this quote once again on my friend's Facebook page... yet again! but this time I some how was not completely agreeing with this thought..

If you think closely, there would be few things - mostly intangible or something that physically does not exist but whose existence can be felt, do have a beginning but they may not end, or we do not know if they have an end..

Few such things to point out:
Whole Numbers/ Natural Numbers: They start at 0 and ends at nothing.
Distance between earth and sky: It starts from earth and ends at nothing, thats because sky is nothing but space, space in itself probably has no start and end but, for us as humans living on earth, space starts outside the environment of environment of earth.
Love: When 2 have never met, they obviously do not love each other. Then they meet and fall in love, love blossoms(starts), but does that love ever end? I feel no!
Death: Death in itself starts but where does it end? I feel no where, once you are dead you remain dead forever making death endless!!

There may be many more "things" that may have beginning but no end.

Now once we have seen that things may start but do not end, we can say that there are three types of things:
1. Which have a start and an end.
2. Which have a start but not an end.
3 Which do not have start and they do not have an end.

I am bound to call the first type of things as Life. Second type of things are nothing but similar to death and third - they must be beyond life and death... it should be God.

I do not know what came in my mind, just wanted to post my my thoughts out.
Thoughts - do they have begining? or do they have an end? Its an open question... I have no answer to...


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