Saturday, June 26, 2010

TIME Saved or Spent??

OK. So back to the most enigmatic entity for me - TIME.

So, all our life we keep on battling to save this TIME.
- Some want to save this TIME to spend it with his/her family.
- Some want to save this TIME so that they can watch the God Damn Cricket Match.
- Some want to save this TIME to spent some more of it on making more fortune.
- After all TIME is money, everybody wants to save it - obvious.

In the quest of saving TIME, man invented various machines. Now, we have a machine for everything. Starting from needle to a satellite in space everything is machine, all intrinsically designed and developed to save TIME for mankind.

I just so feel that we CAN NOT SAVE TIME, at the very max we can just use the TIME right now that we would have had in future. TIME has its own time and you just cant save it or spend it on your own will.

Did not understand what I just said? Well me too!. But here is what my thinking is:
If we have to travel on foot, without any machine from Delhi to London it might have take us - some 10 years (Gosh, I dont know if 10 years is good approximate). But now with hi-speed planes it takes around  10 hours (again dont know if this is correct). So, in a way we saved 9 years, 364 days and 14 hours. WOW!! But, wait wait wait, did we actually saved that much? or did we used 9 years, 364 days and 14 hours from future, which mankind would have had if there had been no planes and hence no ill-effect on our mother nature.

With all the cars/planes/machines we are saving time today but that in turn is having irreparable impact on the future of the mankind. The fact is we are not saving any time but we are spending time in the future. Since, I live in a country like India, can feel this ever so strongly. We do not have clean water to drink, we do not have fresh air to breathe, glaciers are melting, rivers are polluted, rains doesnt come - if it does - then more then needed, where is this all pointing to? To me it looks like mankind has already spent a lot of TIME of its own future today and in past and hence not much of TIME is left in future, isnt it??

Obviously, I have called TIME a enigmatic entity, so my thoughts are not clear and are confused but I will keep on delving in this :).

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